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Let Them Eat Cake Children's Book

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Molly Wilkinson is an American (Texan) who came to Paris to live and bake!  People all around the world know about her and follow her on social media or attend her on-line baking courses.  Until now, no one knew her back-story... but this book reveals all!

Beautifuly illustrated by veteran children's book illustrator Pete Williamson, this charming hardback book tells the story of one little girl's passion for baking and how she followed her dream!  You all know the Molly of today so take a sneak peek back in time to discover her roots!

36 page, hard cover, high quality full colour childrens book
17 full page colour illustrations by Pete Williamson
23.5 cm(h) x 19.1 cm(w) 
Written and published by Mandie Davis 

If you are ordering the book in the UK please order from Les Puces on this link: