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Springerle Molds Spring-Summer 2024 Collection

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These beautiful molds are made from resin and are used to make a traditional cookie from the German and Alsace region in France. They come from House on the Hill, one of just two Springerle mold makers left in the world! They are handmade in a small shop in Rosebud, MO and so very special any time of year. 

In this collection, for many of the molds we have corresponding cookie cutters made from either plastic or copper. All cookie cutters are hand-made to perfectly align with their related mold. The cutter is featured in the photo for any mold that comes with one. 

Most cookies are around 3" in height once they are cut out, except the Cassie's Garden which is 7.75" in height, Four Diamonds which is about 7" in height, and Bee Happy which is about 2" in diameter. For exact dimensions, please feel free to contact us!